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Our Distributors

Currently, as an ophthalmic instruments manufacturer, Gulden retains most of our original customers and has established long-term relationships with a broad range of distributors in America. Internationally, Gulden continues to grow as a manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments and ophthalmic devices in foreign markets, especially in South America, Europe and the Far East.

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Company Phone Number State
Ambler Surgical 1-888-407-0006 PA
Amcon Laboratories 1-800-255-6161 MO
Bayou 504-734-9399 LA
Beitler McKee 800-989-4702 PA
Belrose Refracting Equipment Co. 800-875-5235 IL
Bell Ophthalmic 800-255-5929 PA/NJ/DE
Cal Coast Ophthalmic 310-320-3253 CA
Dry Eye Company 877-693-7939 WA
Eye Care and Cure 800-486-6169 AZ
Fresnel Prism 800-544-4760 MN
Good-Lite Company 800-362-3860 IL
Herslof Optical Company 414-462-1300 WI
I Promotions 800-507-9379 MO
Johnson Ophthalmic Equipment 651-762-9989 MN
Katena Products 800-225-1195 NJ
Krebs 800-824-3649 NY
Lambda Medica, LLC 407-443-7100 FL
Latham Phillips 800-755-5919 OH
Lombart Instruments 800-LOMBART National
McCoy Medical 800-663-2665 MO
Medical & Scientific Instruments 800-672-2737 VA
Millennium Surgical Corp. 800-600-0428 PA
MSI Precision 800-322-4674 PA
Ophthalmic Instruments-Inc. 714-730-1375 CA / AZ
Optics, Inc. 216-241-2094 OH
Optimetrics 305-863-4144 FL
Pioneer International Online 888-206-5380 National
Precision Instruments 800-262-6008 MI
Precision Optical Machine Co. 215-342-9774 PA
Richmond Products 505-275-2406 NM
Sklar Instruments 800-221-0202 PA
Soderberg, Inc. 612-291-1400 MN
Universal Ophthalmic Inst. 800-346-6214 TX
Veatch Opthalmic Instrument 800-447-7511 AZ
Vicron 800-401-9502 IL
Vision Associates 407-352-1200 FL
Walman Optical 612-520-6000 MN
Wasatch 800-873-9366 UT
Western Opthalmics 800-426-9938 WA
Wilson Ophthalmic Instruments 800-222-2020 OK
Company Phone Number Country
Akriti Oculoplasty Logistics 91-40-32443781 India
Al Mosawiq Al Arabi 9661-4787-607 / 4727-743 Saudi Arabia
Alpha Net 9728-9363-318 Israel
Care Optik Market, Ltd 90 (212) 296 76 46-47 Turkey
Danker Lenses 884-0346 South Africa
Designs for Vision 61-2-9550-6966 Australia
Fax International 04-42-57-17-57 France
Innova 800-461-1200 Canada
National Medical Supplies 27123865698 South Africa
Nidek 800-223-9044 Japan
Optique Dist. 2161-3538-04 Tunisia
Pacific Medical Technologies 888-855-6558 Canada
Pranav Health Service 91 9840324333 India
PT. Mega Medical Abadi 62-21-7696181 Indonesia
RE Medical 81-6-4794-8223 Japan
T.M.I. Company Limited 048-481-2501 Japan
Toomac Ophthalmic 09-443-5347 New Zealand
Topcon Ophthalmic Instrument 450-430-7771 Canada
Vision SA 5114-4138-96 Peru
Visus GmbH 49 234 93693-0 Germany
White Ophthalmic Supply 800-661-1562 Canada