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Dry Eye Tools

Gulden Ophthalmics has been a leading manufacturer of Ophthalmics for over 70 years. We offer a variety of Dry Eye tools including the MG Expressor kit and EyeGiene Kit.

One of Guldens newest products the Meibomian Gland or MG Expressor kit quickly and easily brings relief to patients with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Conceptualized and developed by Dr. Mario Gutierrez of San Antonio, Texas. The kit includes 2 Gel Eye Masks, an ergonomic Lid Plate tool, and disposable expresser covers. In use, the warmed eye mask is positioned over the patient's eyelids to help liquefy the meibomian gland contents.

We offer 2 different warming/cooling mask. The EyeGieneⓇ is an advanced solution for improved eye health. This warming unit was Invented by an American Ophthalmologist to improve the care of patients suffering from inflamed eyelids, and tired and dry eyes. The Gel Eye Mask provides soothing warm or cold use.

For patients with dry eye Gulden recommends or dry eye/Lagophthalmos Kit. The kit includes a pair of moisture goggles to protect the patient's eyes from wind and particles during the day and a headband device that keeps the patients eye or eyes closed during the night without taping. The goggles can also be used as moisture chambers for dry eye patients.
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