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Eye Shields & Guards

Since the early 1950's Gulden has manufactured eye shields. All shields are made of high quality shatterproof polycarbonate plastic. They all have a universal shape for use over either eye and ventilation holes. Low cost bulk pricing available.

Eye shields are used after surgery to protect the eye and hold dressings in place. They are made of clear shatterproof plastic in a universal shape for use over either eye. Holes in the eye shield provide ventilation. Adult and children's sizes are available.

Gulden Ophthalmics offers child and adult eye shields, foam lined eye shields as well a new, soft, smooth, latex free foam lined eye shields with a comfortable adjustable headband. They are the best devices in postoperative and post trauma eye protection.

The EyeGiene® newly available through Gulden Ophthalmics is an advanced solution for improved eye health. Invented by an American Ophthalmologist to improve the care of patients with inflamed eyelids, and tired and dry eyes.
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