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Test Cards

Gulden Ophthalmics has been a leading manufacturer of Ophthalmics for over 70 years. We offer a wide variety of test cards including an Illuminated test card with interchangeable inserts. . The Test Card is a valuable diagnostic tool for eye care professionals. It is useful in testing near vision - emulating users' vision with reading materials, computer screens, smart phones, and many other devices as well as screening for abnormal eye conditions. However, in order to be accurate and useful, a near card needs to be clean, clear, and in pristine condition. Gulden's Illuminated Near Card and Illuminated Amsler Grid offer advantages over traditional near test cards, providing the eye care professional with long-life, advantageous diagnostic tools. Testing with both the Illuminated 3m Letter Card and the Illuminated Amsler Grid can be performed in less than a minute, is easy for both staff and patient, and is simple and quick enough to be used as a routine diagnostic screening tool for all eye exams.
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