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AmblyoTherapy Games Software

Product Number: 15337
AmblyoTherapy Games Software

Purchase AmblyoTherapy Games Software from Gulden Ophthalmics.  This unique PC software (to be used with special eyeglasses) assists vision care professionals in treating amblyopia with a patient-friendly, engaging product.


The games are designed so that some active graphic components on the monitor screen can only be seen by the amblyopic eye and are filtered out for the other eye. Some components can be seen by both eyes to encourage fusion and binocular vision. The result is that the patient must use both eyes, and specifically the amblyopic eye, to play the games successfully.

The program presents three engaging, interactive, enjoyable games that help train and strengthen the amblyopic eye. The games are very intuitive to play and offer two difficulty levels; on-screen instructions help facilitate setting up the games and their play.

Conventional occlusion therapy is accomplished by patching the dominant eye to encourage stimulation of the amblyopic eye.  This has long been the predominant treatment for amblyopia. Although patching has been shown to be effective, it often produces variable and unsatisfactory outcomes requiring long treatment duration.  There are also possible negative psychological and emotional impacts on patched children, resulting in poor compliance that may render the treatment ineffective. 

Gulden's AmblyoTherapy Games comes complete with special eyeglasses with colored filters.  To play the games, the user will need active participation from both of their eyes.  There is also a "Color Swap" feature built into the games which alternates the blue and orange components of the games.  This feature forces the amblyopic eye to switch from tracking moving objects to stationary ones at time intervals which the user sets.  It is very good eye exercise! 

The software is easy to load on to a PC.  It operates with the latest versions of popular web browsers.