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Custom Vergence Facility Prism

Product Number: 11107S
Custom Vergence Facility Prism

The Vergence Facility Prism is used to test for binocular vision disorders and symptoms.  Choose the size of the base in and base out prism.  Proudly made in the U.S.A.


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Vergence Facility testing has been shown to be one of the most important methods of detecting patients with binocular vision disorders and symptoms. Diagnosis of non-strabismus binocular vision abnormalities can be improved through the use of vergence facility testing at near.

Testing Procedure:

The test is performed at 40 cm as the patient views a vertical 20/30 target or similar. Twelve diopter base out (BO) and three diopter base in (BI) prism is alternately placed before one eye (although custom diopters can be ordered); the patient is asked to report when the target becomes single and clear. This prism change is repeated for one minute and the clinician records the number of cycles performed during testing. Presence of suppression is indicated by a perceived lateral movement of a single target moving left or right of center, or no observed eye movement.

For testing at near, the recommended failure criteria is 15 cycles per minute which is easily recalled (sum of BI and BO demands). Recent research has shown this criteria valid for pediatric, adult and presbyopic populations.

Use the Fixi-Tic to help you perform this test.  The Fixi-Tic is a fixation stick with a 40 cm cord and integrated stopwatch.