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EyeGiene Kit for Dry and Tired Eyes

Product Number: 14227
EyeGiene Kit for Dry and Tired Eyes

Purchase the EyeGiene Kit for Dry and Tired Eyes. Invented by an American Ophthalmologist to improve the care of patients suffering from inflamed eyelids, tired eyes, and dry eyes, this novel product is now made widely available through Gulden Ophthalmics.


The EyeGiene® system is a simple device for application of warming therapy to the eyes which should be used in conjunction with the MG Expressor Kit. Once activated, the unique source of heat, referred to as the Temperature Control Module (TCM), rapidly produces the intended warmth for several minutes. In addition to the general positive sensation, the warmth is known to improve the flow of natural oils in the glands in the eyelids that are critical for normal eyelid and tear film function.

EyeGiene® is designed for comfort and ease of use. The material in contact with the skin is safe and convenient. Improvement in general sensation and eye health may be appreciated with use of the system.