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Autoclavable Jaeger Lid Plate

Product Number: 23293
Autoclavable Jaeger Lid Plate

Purchase the Autoclavable Jaeger Lid Plate from Gulden Ophthalmics.  Lid plates are used for a variety of surgical procedures.  This one is made of plastic and can be re-used.


The tool is constructed of a durable autoclaveable plastic material in a distinctive yellow color. The color makes these tools easier to find among other instruments.

Since they are non-metallic, these tools are non-reflective, which can help surgeon's visibility during procedures. Also, they are electrically non-conductive, so they can safely be used during electrosurgical procedures.

The Jaeger Lid Plates from Gulden Ophthalmics feature a more concave, ergonomic design, which helps avoid pressure on the cornea and globe; one end is medium (24mm) sized and the other is larger (26mm). The Autoclavable Jaeger Lid Plate is 4.375 inches in length.

Metallic jaeger lid plates and lid retractors are also available through Gulden for procedures that utilize lasers.