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Lewerenz Accommodation Maddox

Product Number: 12137
Lewerenz Accommodation Maddox

Purchase Gulden's Lewerenz Accomodation Maddox. This device features an occluder, Maddox lens, and calibrated scale in both centimeters and diopters.  It can be used to measure the Amplitude of Accommodation and Near Point of Convergence.


For vision care professionals who often wish they had three hands: one for an occluder, one for a test target, and one to measure the distance!

With this new, competitively priced tool, NO LONGER will vision care professionals:

1.) Wish they had three hands!

2.) Need to try to keep the patient and near target in place while having to reach for a measuring tool

3.) Need to convert centimeters to diopters when measuring accommodation

Testing Procedure:

For Amplitude of Accommodation, hold the occluder vertically in the right hand to occlude the patient's left eye, while a near accommodative target is brought closer to the right eye. When the patient reports blur, the occluder is lifted to the horizontal position so the occluder end is against the patient's forehead and the Maddox rod is nearer the clinician. Keep the target where it was when blur was reported. In this position the Amplitude of Accommodation is read directly from the occluder handle in diopters. Switch the near target and occluder between hands and repeat with right eye occluded and then, if desired, with both eyes together without occluding an eye.

To measure Near Point of Convergence, the patient is tested with both eyes open. A small target in the midline is brought closer to the patient's eyes until diplopia is reported. At that time the occluder is positioned as it was for Amplitude of Accommodation and the distance is read in centimeters.