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Occluder Caddy Set

Product Number: 12108
Occluder Caddy Set

Purchase the Occluder Caddy Set from Gulden.  This product has an extremely small footprint, but it is capable of holding six occluders.  Use it to organize your exam lanes.  See description for list of included occluders.


The Occluder Caddy Set includes the following occluder products made by Gulden:

  • Long handle Black Occluder, SKU 12112
  • Long handle Maddox Rod, SKU 12113
  • Long handle Red Lens, SKU 12115
  • Long handle Single Pinhole Occluder, SKU 12129
  • Long handle Multi Pinhole Occluder, SKU 12130
  • Long handle Spielmann Occluder, SKU 12120

Dimensions: 3.5" diameter footprint.  With Occluders, measures 10" in height.