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Color Filter Bar Set

Product Number: 15327
Color Filter Bar Set

Purchase the Color Filter Bar Set from Gulden Ophthalmics.  This unique product can be used in the chair or in an optical setting to quickly determine your patient's tint preference.  Comes with four colors (Gray, Blue, Rose, and Amber).  The absorbance value of each filter density is engraved on the product.


The Color Filter Bar Set is the most efficient way for patients to determine their ideal tint.  This is very important for patients who are light sensitive, especially those who have been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Each of the four color bars in the kit consists of four shade densities.  Your patient can try 16 different tints very quickly without the need to put on and take off glasses.  The absorption number for each tint concentration is engraved on the product.  

This product was designed by Gulden in partnership with Dr. Ruth Shoge of the Eye Institute of Philadelphia.

Transmission spectrum data for this product is available here.

Review     -     6/19/17

"Discomfort from indoor and outdoor light is a frequent complaint in our TBI patient population, and so the color filter bars were born out of a need to quickly determine the filter which would be most beneficial for our patients. The bars allow for an efficient subjective measurement of the best color and absorption value of tint, which is conveniently printed on each filter. This tool has saved time and allowed me to give my patients what they need."

- Dr. Ruth Shoge, The Eye Institute of Philadelphia