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The Wand (Visual Field Testing Occluder)

Product Number: 12109
The Wand (Visual Field Testing Occluder)

Purchase The Newly Redesigned Wand here!  The Wand is used for precise confrontation field testing.  It is also used to test for strabismus after brain injury. Use the Wand by itself or as a pair to: test a patient's visual field, wield fixation targets, and occlude the eye.  Comes with battery (2/3A battery; with normal use it should last four years).


The Wand is designed to accomplish the following common optometric diagnostic tests in a single tool: 1) confrontation visual fields, 2) cover testing, 3) red glass test for strabismus. The wand was developed to perform a series of quick and engaging tests for common visual problems associated with brain injury.  As an additional benefit, the the Wand offers consistent contrast between the white LED and black occluder head.  Compare this to finger counting, which is often unreliable due to an inconsistent background color.

The concave occluder head allows the device to be used to occlude the eye. The magnetic attachment points allow the device head to be used as a fixation target. The wide viewing angle LED can be used to assess the visual field. The device is lightweight (about 3 ounces) and made of durable ABS plastic. The device is 10 inches long. A belt clip is built in.